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Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to North Zimbabwestan!

I no longer live in Canada, by some twist of fate it been transmogrified into something I can only label North Zimbabwestan. This shining bastion of oppression that has not 1 but 2 tin hat dictators vying to be the Grand PhooBah of Rat Bastard Cowards.

Stephen Mugabe the front runner flaunts election spending limits, ignores his own election laws, lies like a cheap rug, refuses unstaged interviews and apparently is afraid of a women who represents a party that believes in Non Aggression.(Oh, too scary mommy) Partner in crime Kim Il-Layton is a baffoon who dashes his parties belief in ideals, democracy and fair representation also out of fear and crass personal gain.

That leaves the waffling traitor("honest it wasn't me"), and a wimp who backed down on his support of fair play, lest he be on the outs with the other big tough boys.

I've been mad at my country before, I've been dismayed at my country before, but never before have I been so completely disgusted and enraged while thinking "Is this is the best we can do for potential leaders"

While I'm pleased that many fellow bloggers of varied persuasions have also shown outrange, and I thank them all, this is not enough. The system is broken, crowded with assholes and we need a Revolution. Most people are not this bad, why is it that shit floats to the top?Recommend this Post

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seven star said...

A revolution is too much to ask of Canadians, we're too complacent with the status quo. Also, it might interrupt out Tim Horton runs and armchair politicking (Not that arm chair politicking is that bad) but so many of us out there that do want to do something just don't know how to go about it. Writing your MP's, writing to the papers only goes so far.