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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random angry disjointed protest thoughts

I can appreciate that people are appalled at the damage done by protesters on the weekend but the vast majority of protesters were well behaved and respectful of authority. Despite this fact many in the general public and political circles chastise them all for having the audacity to demand their rights to be heard in a supposed free and democratic society. I’ve even heard comments that people who live in the core should have willingly fled the city or placed themselves in virtual house arrest for the so they would not be on the streets in their own communities. Rubbish

I also can’t fathom the people who say anybody at a protest deserved to get clubbed, arrested and strip searched, these dumb fucks are actually advocating for a police state, All Hail Kim il Harper.

I understand that the police had a difficult job maintaining order in a dumbass location with what seemed to be a flawed plan, or at least flawed leadership enacting the plan. This however does not excuse the arrogance and violence shown by a small portion of the law enforcement community who went beyond doing their job to enjoying doing their job. Neither does this excuse the gun point raids on innocent people’s houses in the wee hours of the morning, arbitrary group arrests, inhumane confinements cages, failure to feed prisoners, inadequate access to phone and lawyers, and the notable arrests and violence towards media.

Finally we have a police Chief who lied about the 5 meter law regarding the fence then ordered the harassment of people on the premise it was a real law all while the civilian leaders who passed the law refused to speak up and correct the lying Chief. Canada is turning into some kind of banana republic with colder weather or an episode of Soap, I’m beyond irritated.

I can’t help but think that personal political biases and an institutional disdain for “Long hair hippie freak trouble makers” colour police behaviour after all it makes their job harder, but it must be understood that in a functional democratic society free speech and the right to assemble and protests are not just rights but a necessary requirement to maintain democratic health.

Democracy is not the ability to vote twice a decade and go back to sleep. Democracy is being aware, speaking out, living as part of the greater community not in isolation, being politically or socially active and if things are not going as you believe they should, democracy is even protesting. These are not just activities that would be nice in the perfect world these are actions that are mandatory to maintain a democracy which represents all citizens equally not just the empowered elite. Even if you don’t support protesters points of view they are out there defending your democracy, your right to free speech and your right to assemble.

For those many people who’ve painted the protesters and the idiot rioters with the same brush you'd better pray that a garbage dump isn't being planned for your neighbourhood, or that your house is not being bulldozed for an off ramp because the right to protest may no longer be available when YOU have an issue to care about.

Under no circumstances should society accept the clandestine passing of “Secret Laws”. The Provincial Libs have some serious explaining to do passing it in the first place but allowing the Bill Blair to lie about it to citizens is unimaginable. Heads should roll.

The media failed us by largely ignoring the safe and peaceful protests and they totally failed us by rarely giving the mainstream protesters a voice to explain their issues. Instead the media drummed up fear and loathing without ever asking the question why people hold these leaders and their billion dollar meetings in such contempt. Most media simply stalked protesters hoping for some violence to make a “good” story, until they got a shot to the head that is, then suddenly they believe in free speach and the cops are being scrutinized. Funny that!.

Personally I think it might be a good thing that the media was targeted because know they know what really happens. Now they might start asking the right questions. Now they might finally start being reporters instead of press agents selling lies, talking points and fluff.Recommend this Post

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to the Green Party, please leave your red shirts at the door

Dear real progressive liberals, the GPC is open and welcomes new members. I know it will be hard actually getting to vote on each policy and voting directly for your leader but you will adjust. It’s not like you have any choice considering the direction your party has taken with its new policy of continued deployment in Afghanistan.

Honestly can anyone actually prove to me that Iggy is a progressive? A Liberal? Politically astute?, not a Conservative plant?

Short of some major break with reality or simple sabotage how can this idiot suggest that Canadians should spend more time, money and lives in Afghanistan when the majority of Canadians don’t want us to be there. It’s hard to believe that such incompetence can come from such a supposedly smart guy and while I don’t buy the “just visiting” ploy it does look like he was away far too long to understand the way the majority of Canadians think.

So what’s happened? Why this marked turn to the right?

Have the Liberals heard that getting the mineral rights for Canadian companies in Afghanistan depend on our continued participation?
Does Iggy really think he can win over conservative votes by being a hawk?
Is he just flailing in the wind?

Dammed if I know, but come on in, get a seat and make yourselves comfortable,

please however leave your red shirts at the door, anyone who’s seen an old Star Trek knows what happens to the red shirted guy!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abuse of Power

I am so angry these days I find it hard to blog without immediately breaking into a stream hateful profanity so for the most part I’ve just remained silent. Today however I will attempt a short controlled post about what a fucking idiot Michael Ignatieff is. Damn I’ve slipped up already.

What has me bent out of shape today is a quote I saw in this CTV article on the Liberal refusal to support an amendment to the budget bill pulling out all the bits and pieces that don’t belong in the budget.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has criticized the budget legislation as a "dumpster bill" but says he's not prepared to force an election over what he calls "an abuse of power."

We all differ on policy issues, that’s the nature of the game. I can even understand taking a boot to the groin once in awhile and voting for a bill you don’t really like for expediency but don’t you dare announce that a bill is an “abuse of power” and then support it.

There is nothing more important in our system than standing up against the abuse of power and to openly label the budget bill an abuse and then support it is nothing less than legitimatizing abuse.

Be very clear on this, Michael Ignatieff is now on record as both minimizing the importance of and supporting the continuation of the abuse of power. Those Liberals who voted with the government yesterday should be ashamed of themselves; they are now officially enemies of good government.

It's quite simple, if you support the abuse of power by others you are no more worthy to serve Canadians than those who actually abuse power.

Then again, after the stance most of them took on the MP audit issue we already knew that didn't we?

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