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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Julian West has dropped out of race for For The Saanich-Gulf Islands, leaving the NDP short one Candidate in B.C.
West use to be one of ours, so it's kinda funny/sad that this story was not important until he became a NDP candidate. Considering the ill considered, hateful rantings of some conservatives it's a pity a little nudity is enough to ruin this mans career.

I hope the NDP can and will direct their energy in Saanich-Gulf Islands to the next best hope of keeping the seat from Harper. I honestly don't know who that would be,(please be Green, please be Green, please be Green)

Ok, I decided not to be totally lazy, the other choices are
Andrew Lewis - GPC
Gary Lunn - CP
Dan Noreau - CHP
Briony Penn -LPC
but who's in best position to kick Lunn in the nuts, I do not know?

P.S. you guys really need to flesh out that Vetting thing, especially in BC.

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Anonymous said...

It was more than nudity and the women (who felt they were his victims as girls) said they had fought when West ran for the Greens too.

As to the candidates, the Conservation Voters of BC endorsed Briony Penn.


janfromthebruce said...

Good luck. As a New Democrat it would be of interest of our party to have those campaigners of Saanich Gulf Islands volunteers, to displace all their efforts and resources to defeating Keith Martin in Esqualmat Juan de Fuca. The vote difference between Randall Garrison and Keith was less than 3% in the previous election, while in Saanich gulf islands, Lunn sailed to an easy victory in light of the vote split that had occured between the NDP, Liberals and Green. So to do all of Vancouver Island and Canada a favour, it would be better for us to concentrate on defeating Keith.

Good luck and thanks for the kind words for Julien. At this point in time, I am not sure what to make of the resurfacing of the allegations, the confusion of facts, and the fact that it first came to light through a high up liberal individual to press.

People who choose to post anon are purposely hiding behind their statements, so I take them with a grain of salt.
The fact is Julien has resigned.

GAB said...

It would not be that hard to achieve both Jan, just informing NDP supporters to follow the ABC principal in the riding and they can still work somewhere else. As long as they still vote, any reasonable split to non PC parties means Lunn is done.