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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Electric car conspiracy in the making?

An interesting article from the star says the Ontario Gov is in talks with a silicon valley company with the intent of turning

Toronto and surrounding areas into an electric transportation hub, complete with electric charging infrastructure and local manufacturing of battery-powered vehicles

This sounds like a great progressive idea BUT I can't help but wonder if they are so gung ho about this initiative why the hell won't they allow the ZENN car to be driven in Ontario?

My paranoid side says maybe they've made some deal to exclude ZENN and fair competition from the Ontario market as a way of rewarding the Better Place company for setting up shop here. I'm truly suspicious of this announcement, Better Place gets free reign to set up battery swap stations, build and sell cars here all while a Canadian company is shut out.

Does something smell fishy to you?

I hope Tyler Hamilton the writer of this Star article will give me some input to the comments/questions on his Clean Break.ca Blog Recommend this Post


nitroglycol said...

I wish it weren't so, but I have my doubts about the Zenn as it stands now. Its top speed and range are so limited that most people who would be adequately served by a Zenn probably don't need a car at all. If they want to survive, they'll have to become more like Tesla.

GAB said...

ZENN is making a niche car currently which does have a viable market, as a second car for me in my town it would get used 11/14 days I'd only need the gassie for my bi weekly visits to my mother.

They have a deal with Estore for future tech if it works out. Estore is working on ultra capacitors which would charge in minutes and give a several hundred Km per charge, if they work. Still no point banning them , if they don't meet the market they will wither, let the market decide not the gov

nitroglycol said...

I agree that they shouldn't be banned (so do some provincial governments; BC has legalized them and Manitoba is in the process of doing so as well) but I don't think it's the future of the electric car. I guess in smaller towns that don't have public transit they'd make sense, though.