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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rae scores a point, Harper looks stupid!

I don't know how long Rae has been sitting on this bomb but this is certainly the time to drop it. Apparently our Great leader steals speaches from Australia's Howard when he can't come up with stupid arguments on his own.

Does a leader plagerize? me thinks not!Recommend this Post


Val said...

"Does a leader plagiarize?"

Didn't McCain crib a speech on the Russian/Georgian conflict from Wikipedia?

Maybe a 'great' leader merely learns how to plagiarize well. :-)

nitroglycol said...

The thing that strikes me as odd about this is the fact that nobody seems to have asked Howard what he thinks about it. Myself I wonder if both Howard and Harper were working from a common template -- one that came straight from Karl Rove's desk. And perhaps the media somehow think it inappropriate to ask questions that might lead in that direction, less they be seen as "biased". (Because if you look for dirt, and find more dirt on one candidate than on the others, you're obviously biased).