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Friday, February 1, 2008

U.S. Droughts proven man made

The New Scientist reports on a new study that shows the recent droughts plaguing the western U.S. cannot be attributed to random weather variations but rather are 60%the result of warming caused by humans.

The study also says this condition can be expected to persist and will continue to impact reservoirs levels like Lake Mead's which is already at a 40 year low.

This is just more proof that action must be taken on global warming but just as importantly action on water conservation must be accelerated considering growing populations and thirsty agriculture in the west.

For Canadians it's another wake up call to protect our water rights and fight any plans for bulk water exports or diversions to the U.S. Under Nafta once we allow it we can never change our minds. Even better let's get the hell out of Nafta so we can keep our water and oil for domestic consumption.Recommend this Post

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