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Monday, February 4, 2008

Harper to create new Ministries

While not yet announced, my inside sources (inside my head) tell me that PMSH is on the verge of creating two new ministries to deal with all the confusion over the Afghan prisoners who may or may not be (yeah right) tortured by our Afghan allies, and other issues like those pesky little government climate scientists who think they have the right to speak on science without the permission of John Baird who holds a BA in Political studies.

Of course since the Harper caucus is so thin on talent and the Ministry of cloning Harper has so far failed in creating anything sentient (Garbage in Garbage out) two new Senators have been named and promoted to cabinet in preparation of the two new Ministries.

The portfolios will be called the Ministry of Secrecy headed up by none other than Boris Badenov, who will oversee the collection and destruction of any information the government wants to keep secret


The Ministry of Make Believe run by Barney who will oversee the creation of numerous fantastic songs and stories to cloud the sanity and concentration of rational citizens who might question why our lakes don't freeze anymore. Why we are having summer long droughts? Why Venice, Bangladesh, and Conservative polling results are sinking?

The first action by these new minstries is expected to be an all paid junket for Environment Canada Scientists where they can discuss climate change with the governor of Kandahar. Opposition MPs are also welcome.

In addition to these new Ministries it will also be announce all subsequent Senators will be elected by a highly qualified panel of Oil company executives and Republican Party insiders.

In unrelated news Karl Rove has been granted Canadian citizenship.Recommend this Post

1 comment:

Val said...

LMAO! It's scary how un-transparent (?) our government is becoming - even scarier how little most people seem to care.

What are your thoughts on Khadr?