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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Malthus right yet?

It's amazing how fast this story is becoming main stream, showing the stupidity and evil, unethical and unsustainable move to convert the worlds food surplus(and beyond surplus) into fuel for our cars.

Apparently the Finacial post just picked this story up too.

Just yesterday wheat hit $12 dollars a bushel breaking previous highs all while wheat and corn stockpiles hit 30 and 24 year lows. Food inflation is hitting all areas of the world as corn prices in Mexico has put the tortilla a basic staple 30% more expensive. Bread and flour is under pressure here in Canada and we can expect meat, dairy and eggs to sky rocket too as feed prices soar, suddenly that grass fed organic beef is becoming more price competitive.

The U.N. has said rising grain costs is going to impact the size and cost of it's humanitarian food aid

While economist argue supply will increase to meet demand, rising population, rising Asian affluence, rising energy costs and coming energy shortages all support the possibility that eventually Malthus will be right and we will hit a population wall. Now this wall could be pushed back if we gave up on bio fuel and all became vegans but it's pretty damn obvious that the selfishness of the rich will let millions starve and populations peak before they change their lifestyles. I'm just as guilty being a lacto-ovo,beefo-yeasto vegetarian, meaning I'll eat any vegtable as long as it's covered in a cheese sauce and served with served with prime rib and beer, or in an omelet

In many ways this is so much more important than the intrigues and disagreements between Evil Harper and Chicken Shit Dion, yet the growing media awareness is being ignored by the public and politicos more interested in maintaining the status quo, even at the expense of the worlds poor who with today's food inflation may starve even if there is enough food grown in the next few years.Recommend this Post

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