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Sunday, February 24, 2008

High speed Glacier blows through radar trap!

Studies on a mostly ignored area of Antarctica shows that the glacier movement is accelerating, the Pine Island Glacier which is a couple kilometres thick, 30 km wide and is moving to the sea at a rate of 3.5km/year. That's like an addition 210 square kilometres of ice hitting the ocean each year and this is just one of Antarctica's glaciers, the study shows acceleration in other areas too.

See full article at BBC

Now 210 sq km is really not that big compared to the ocean, but if this study showing acceleration on all glaciers is correct this could multiplied the impact by many times. This is also not a fixed rate but an accelerating rate, next year the ice could be traveling at 4km/year.

I really should get an accurate map and buy property that's only 1 or two metres above the ocean, some day I'll have beach front:) But of course by this time I would probably have been killed by famine or barbecued by rioters. Sucks to be me!Recommend this Post

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