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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

France 1 Scientologists 0

Some days are worth getting out of bed, some not so much. This morning when I rose to find out that the Church of Scientology (stupidtology) was convicted of fraud in France and fined about $1 million dollars I knew this was going to be one of the good ones. (expect appeals)

The illegal activities in question included "commercial harassment" and the pressuring of inductees to make large payments or take out loans to pay for books, courses and other crap that had no purpose but to enrich the Church.

Since when does a church force to you buy salvation or religious favours,,, oh yeah, but they stopped doing that a long time ago,,,,, didn't they?

This ruling continues the trend of legal losses in Europe as we saw in December 07 when Germany declared that this organization was not a Church stating "that we do not consider Scientology an organization that is compatible with the constitution," In other words did not meet the German definition of a Religion

No tax exempt status in Germany Bahahahah!

What I want to know is why the U.S. State department has previously criticized Belgium and Germany for labeling the organization a Cult/Sect and passing laws to restrict their operations?

Rather than defending this organization someone in U.S Government should be moving to crush them on their home turf. Of course considering the number of legal cases they've fought over their attempts to libel, hound, harass detractors including a Canadian Crown attorney as seen in the Canadian supreme court ruling on Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto, [1995] 2 S.C.R. 1130,
perhaps people are too timid to take them on.

Here is a little clip from paragraph 194 of the Supreme Court ruling which cost the Church $1.6 million

In summary, every aspect of this case demonstrates the very real and persistent malice of Scientology. Their actions preceding the publication of the libel, the circumstances of its publication and their subsequent actions in relation to both the search warrant proceedings and this action amply confirm and emphasize the insidious malice of Scientology.

Insidious Malice Wow! maybe they need more courses

Overall its been a bad press week for Scientology as Paul Haggis, Canadian director and screenwriter who both quit and denounced the Church for its Same sex marriage stand and takes a shot claiming the church does force members to shun those who leave the flock.

Oh, I gotta stop grining so much , it hurts

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sassy said...

Looks good on them, the scumbags.

nitroglycol said...

Particularly weird about the State Department's position. According to that New York Times article the IRS took a different position for a time... but eventually gave in.