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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Planet killing idiots strike again!

I'm just heading out but first I had to share this story which makes me want to pummel certain people with concrete donuts.

The Canadian Government aka, the Corporate Self Interest Club wants the EPA to back off on regulations that would stop the burning of Bunker fuel on Great Lake ships. Bunker fuel is the low grade crap left over from oil refining and it burns dirty, real dirty with up to 1.5% sulphur and releases high levels of smog creating nitrogen-oxide.

The EPA wants higher fuel standards to save the Great Lakes basin from smog and sulphur emissions while the Canadian Government aka (today at least )The Canadian Shipowners Association wants a delay until 2020 so they can install new scrubbers on the smoke stacks even though the tech does not exist today.

There is no health or environmental concern that these guys won't discount if the corporate lobby stands in their way.

Bastards today, bastards always.Recommend this Post

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