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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final harvests

I'm just getting around to posting shots from my final harvest at the Newmarket Community Garden. I can't say it was a bumper year as I suffered the same horrible blight that destroyed many a urban farmers tomatoes this year but on the other hand the constant rain allowed me the leisure of NOT going to water 3 times a week. Yeah I'm a lazy slob, what's it to you?

Next year I will certainly do some things different,
no cucumbers: we simply can't eat more than a few
no corn: to much space for too little corn
no cabbage: while I like them they are no one else's favorites and for the five I planted I got one, the slugs got three, a thief got one(the nicest one) making it just not worth the space.
No broccoli: Not to hard to grow but timing the fine line between florets and flowers was a royal pain when the plants were not just outside the back door.

More root crops :the yield per sq ft is quite high
More beans staggered throughout the season : it was certainly feast and famine with this years beans
I'll probably keep my tomatoes in containers at home where the soil seems to be blight free

I did have some success this season with good crops of potatoes, zucchinis, beans, peas, carrots, and the above Parsnip That Ate Sheboygan

Peak Oil, food security and localization are important issues to me and having access to a garden through the York Region Food Network were I could grow good quality chemical free food that was good for my families health, good for our budget and good gardening experience was a valuable gift. Now if only I could get the little trolls we are raising to go help me without starting a water fight or sulking because I've asked them to come with me, I'll have it made

I have to say the people at the York Region Food Network do good work even if they do get their garden land taken away from them once a decade. Today I ventured out on a YRFN sponsored gleaning program and was able to collect nearly a bushel and a half of windfall apples. There were many varieties but I brought home Spartans, Northern Spy, Macs and Red Delicious. Yes they were dirty but it was very easy to find undamaged fruit laying on the ground that the people paying good money to Pick Their Own refuse to purchase. I suspect that much of this windfall actually gets collected by the orchard staff on most days and sent to the cider press but this morning they opened up their operation to the YRFN so people could glean free apples. I must say I was appalled at some of the recipients of this opportunity who once they got out in the fields picked from the trees against the owners instructions. @#%%@# Scum!!

As well as the gleaning program and the community gardens the YRFN also runs a food bank, community kitchen, shelter and various support programs. I would recommend this organization as a worthy cause for financial support or for any local students looking to log volunteer hoursRecommend this Post

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