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Friday, April 11, 2008

Jim Flaherty : economic fluffer

Ok, considering the litigious nature of today's Internet I had to let the pre pizza Black Russia wear off before I posted this, the original text was much more colourful!

On to business, this conservative denial thing is getting a little tired,

"We don't know about any torture"

Global warming is "a great socialist plot."

"Cadman, who's Cadman?"

"Bribe, what bribe?"

But today's article in the Star is a real winner, the same day the IMF states the U.S. must act or the recession will go world wide, Flaherty says when questioned on a Global recession,

"I haven't heard anyone suggest that,"

Was he even listening?

I can't believe that the finance ministers of all the major economies could get together today in an era with massive bank losses, bank failures, hedge fund bankruptcies all over the world, as well as housing bubbles popping in the U.S., Britain, and Spain and no one suggested a world wide recession. Are they all as incompetent as he appears to be or is he simply Fluffing the economy in a futile attempt to KEEP IT UP!

Oh yeah, I forgot all the fat ass finance minsters were probably sitting around laughing about how the U.S. government is in full bail mode for the rich investment bankers while the Joe six pack losses his house or maybe he was too busy watching Augusta on his lap top, I don't know. What I do know is that with today's economic mess for there to be a meeting of world finance ministers and NOT discuss the chance of world recession is so highly improbable to make today's claim a farce at best and at worse outright deception.

From his past Ontario deficits, his lies on income trusts, his recent attacks on his home province and his apparent inability to grasp the significant world economic problems that he promises won't cause a Canadian fiscal shortfall Jim Flaherty has clearly proven himself incapable of balancing a Scout troops books let alone a nation, oh but then as a conservative he does not want to manage a nation, rather a U.S. state.Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

That's almost exactly what Bush said when he heard about $4/gallon gas being predicted. Must be a standard feature of conservatives of that stripe.

Anonymous said...

Any comments on Ottawa-West Nepean?

Green Assassin Brigade said...

If you mean the new dump gas to power plant?

It is certainly better to burn it off for power than just let it float away and until we get really desperate and start mining old dumps for metals why not.(it's a fact many pre 70 dumps have richer quantities of metals than some modern bulk tonnage mines)

Ideally if you are going to burn the gas off why not build green houses over the dump and use the waste heat to grow food(fresh soil of course) or divert the waste heat to some nearby industrial use.

the problem is even when they do something that makes sense they don't take to the maximum benifit of society. Every watt of power and every calorie of heat should be utilized to limit energy use elsewhere.

If there is some other issue right now in Neapan You'll have to fill me in. Also I don't believe for a minute these systems are being allowed for the betterment of the earth, someone is doing it to make money and their business plan and not Bairds high ideals are pushing this.

Anonymous said...

April 13, 2008: Flaherty has no problems as he calls Mark Carney and asks him every move he is to make. He snickers, calls Carney and says "Ok to go the john now"
Flaherty didn't know what an income trust was until Mark Carney told him and said "Get rid of them"
Mark Carney is a former Goldman Sachs hatchet man. Until the ABCP debacle came along G-S was going to be the banker to the world....kinda like Rothschilds were in last century. One of Goldman Sachs guys is the Secretary of Finance in the Bush government and our Governor of B of Canada hip hopped over Mr. Jenkins (who was slated for the job). This nefarious banker/brokerage firm doesn't like to do business when interest rates are so low. Carney tried to inveigle Ralph Goodale to rid Canada of income trusts but I guess Paul Martin vetoed the idea. The Liberals claim as soon as they are the government of Canada, they will rescind the Carney/Harper/Flanerty law.