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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hyperinflation made easy

ARggggg, I hate when I post to the wrong blog, oh well it took me a day to notice I'll leave it up

The Federal Reserve, having used up most of it's own reserves comprised of Treasuries in making recent loans to the banking industry is looking for new creative ways of loaning or injecting more money than it has, as explained in this Wall street Journal article

As the articles explains the FED could just create money but since that would drive down short term interest rates to the mat, something they are not quite desperate enough yet to try.

The other options include having the treasury create excess treasuries and depositing them at the fed creating extra reserves they can use to plug the dikes, changing laws to encourage larger deposits to the Fed by banks, allowing the FED to directly hold Mortgage Backed Securities, or letting the FED directly issue it's own debt.

Should the Fed ever get the power to create it's own debt without the assistance of the Treasury the U.S. government will for all intensive purposes be neutered and powerless to control their own destiny. Control of the currency is the ultimate power and obligation of any state, but the U.S. Gov through the creation of the FED, recent calls for more FED powers and possibility that they will soon be able to create their own debt are working towards the total corproatization the Nation and a loss of sovereignty to a consortium of bankers.

Each one of these options is variation of the "Print ourselves out of trouble" model which will further fan inflation. If you are having second thoughts about metal investing this alone should show you the desperate state the U.S. economy and the dollar find itself.
With M3 already in the mid teens we should be looking 25% by election time if the FED gets it way. So what is the established number for hyperinflation I've seen a couple of definitions?Recommend this Post

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