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Thursday, April 3, 2008

First British Human-animal hybrid created.

As reported this week the British are announced the creation of their first hybrid embryos for medical testing and stem cell creation which seems to be raising some concern from religious leaders in Britain. In this process cow eggs are fertilized using DNA from THE skin cells of humans and then harvested for stem cells after 6 days.

Medical officials claim there would be no attempts to implant the fertilized eggs which Cardinal Keith O'Brien called experiments of "Frankenstein proportion"

Personally I don't believe their claims that no attempts to implant hybrid embryos will take place considering the number of Human-animal hybrids already shambling around today.(which of course were made the old fashion way;)

Camilla in the UK

ManBearPig in the U.S.

And his Canadian cousin

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The Mound of Sound said...

Great post, love it! Genetic engineering is getting way past society's grasp. We may pay dearly for that some day. I forget the exact term but there's work underway to develop a human lifeform - without any conscious brain - that can be scavenged to provide replacement organs, bones, marrow, even limbs for transplant.

There are services now in India where you can bring an embryo (either yours or a "superior" model) and, for a modest fee, a healthy young woman will bake the feotus to birth. No morning sickness, no stretch marks, no birthing pains - nada - if you have the bucks. Instant family and mom gets to keep her fantastic figure! Hell you can bake as many of them at once as you can afford. Let's see - Harvard Prof sperm, Miss America ovum. Wow.