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Monday, March 31, 2008

What the hell is up with Belinda's seat?

I was just wondering how Belinda Stronach who has been listed as the Executive Vice-Chairman of Mangna since April 2007 has not been held accountable and forced to formally resign her seat and have it declared vacant.

Belinda's web site has no updates since last spring and she has apparently only shown up to vote 4 times since April. Which is probably on average for most Liberals these days, disgusting!

What I want to know is how the hell can someone be the Executive Vice-Chairman of anything as large as Magna and claim they are representing their constituents? When she is on the hill is she there as MP or lobbyist?

Honestly I'm tired of the Belinda's hobbyist attitude towards her responsibilities and her apparent disdain for the voters of Newmarket-Aurora. Belinda's gone and we all know it but don't think this stupid lingering and not doing her job is not going to taint the Liberals come the next election.Recommend this Post


Steve V said...

I actually forgot about Stronach, until today. My reaction was pretty much the same as your's. She would make a great Senator.

Scott in Montreal said...

Um, she is fighting breast cancer you know. That is a bit of a pre-occupation and with the assumption that the government could fall at any time, perhaps that's why her constituents are not in too much of a lather over it. Just sayin'

Lord of Wealth said...

She has the energy to Vice Chairman so she can't be that sick.

As I understand it she has had treatment, surgery and reconstruction and is on maintenance.

This is no longer an excuse

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