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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dion finally admits Green Party of Canada policy is better than Liberal one

The G&M reports that Dion has finally embraced GPC ideas on Carbon taxes,

"We Liberals are open to consider different solutions. We will consider, with a lot of attention, what the province of [British Columbia] is doing, but I just want to tell you we need to have a price on carbon."

"Tax neutral is the way to go if you proceed with this solution," he said, although he also suggested that funds might be directed into green incentives".

"I have a huge regard for both Gordon Campbell and Carole Taylor. They're doing something that's remarkable on climate change, not just with respect to a carbon tax, but they're actually doing things, not just talking,"

We should have know this was in the offing when Rae offered up support for Carbon taxes during a Toronto Centre debate. Now has this been actually accepted as party policy or are they just testing the waters to see how it flies?

If Rae had not come out with it first I would have suspected Dion was sucking up for a new job with us once they kick his sorry ass out of the Liberal leadership.

Well at lest it's nice that they are giving lip service and validation to our GREEN platform but hearing them and trusting them to implement anything are two distinctly different matters.

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