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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fear and loathing from Garth land.

It seems Garth Turner has taken on a job akin to John Baird's ,aka attack dog.

Garth has apparently taken offence about something and is coming after Elizabeth May and the Greens.

(c) The gloves are off between Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

“There will never be a Green government, a Green official opposition or likely even Green Party status in the House. That means those of us desperate for a climate change strategy - now - have but one option for prime minister - Stephane Dion. If Elizabeth May cared more about that cause than her own cause, she’d work towards this end. It gives me no pleasure to say this, but the times demand it. — Garth”

Do you think the big shift in Vancouver Quadra from Lib to Green is scaring them?

Does he really want to shit one the one person outside the Liberal party who says Dion is a decent guy?

Does he really want to bring the full scrutiny of E May and her credentials down on Liberal environmental policy?

I hope so!

How long now before the Libs show their real colours and change their minds about supporting Green participation in the debates?
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Blogging Horse said...

Does he really want to bring the full scrutiny of E May and her credentials down on Liberal environmental policy?

What's this? Are you suggesting May has been insincere in heaping happy words upon the Liberals' dreadful environmental record?

I thought she said that "if anyone says he was anything other than a excellent environment minister they are lying!"

Please, go on ...

GAB said...

Being an excellent "environmental minister" and being and crappy leader who is failing at holding the government accountable for poor policy is two vastly different things and two disctinctly different times.

Revising "Dion would make a good prime minister" to "I originally thought Dion would make a good prime minister " is quite an easy transition.

May always said she was her first choice for PM, and by the election results that sentiment is at least spreading a little.

Garths sudden bile certainly certainly smells of fear, will Dion slap him down or encourage him is what we have to watch for?

I agree we can't hold him accountable for ALL liberal inaction but his current behaviour in not voting and backing down like a scared rabit are fair game and their green platform is turquoise at best.