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Friday, March 14, 2008

Jim Flaherty and my Mother

Since the death of my father I've been managing my mothers investment portfolio which is geared to income generation. 2 years ago I invested a fair chunk into an Oil income trust, fulling expecting bank revenues and dividends to fall and knowing what peak oil would do the the price. (While not keen on oil companies I felt obligated not to impose my ideals on her portfolio.)

Needless to say I was mighty pissed off when the promise not to tax income trusts was broken and we took a good 25% loss.

The point of this post is, yesterday after a gain of some $35 dollars a barrel since I first bought the shares, Mom finally broke even.

Thanks a lot Flaherty, you smug little sack of shit!

P.s. I did avoid oil sands operatorsRecommend this Post

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