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Monday, April 16, 2007

Newmarket-Aurora Green Party nominations

I would like to invite any current Green Party member or any Green curious voters to attend the Newmarket-Aurora Federal Green Party Association nomination meeting.

"The Membership will be voting at a special Nomination Meeting Saturday, April 21, 2007 which will take place at 10:00am in the Aurora Town Hall. The meeting will be followed by a Tree Planting in celebration of Earth Day."

While it is too late for non members to join and still vote for this nomination it is not too late to join, offer your support or just come and meet your future Green Party candidate and MP.

With Belinda’s departure from politics and the recent reciprocal Green/Liberal leader love in, there is sure to a great deal of lively discussion on many topics and opportunities to corner your candidate and ask questions, or give suggestions.

How better to spend the Earth Day weekend than kibitzing with other like mined people, meeting your candidate and planting a few trees.Recommend this Post

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