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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goodbye Belinda

Its official, the turncoat home wrecker is leaving politics to go back to Magna. I suspect with Franks age and his big plans to bid for Chrysler it was time for Belinda to stop playing at politics and get back to work. Her recent low profile makes me believe that the Dion faction did not like her or found it hard pretending to be Green when they had big auto interests in their midst.

As a resident of her riding I could not be more pleased to see her gone. As a Green I’m ecstatic that someone apparently unbeatable regardless of party is gone.

Rumours have it that long time NDP candidate Ed Chudak is also calling it quits, leaving us with the Conservative perennial loser Lois Brown as the only know quantity in the next election. I’m not arrogant enough to predict Newmarket-Aurora will be won by the Green Party of Canada but I’m damn sure it will be a decent race this time around. This will be fun.Recommend this Post

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