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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Canada shops at ACME rent a Tank

Canada to Lease Tanks Toronto STAR article.

Lease a tank? Why did no one tell me this was possible?

The Green Assassin Brigade has considering for some time, ways of increasing our offensive power from mere Garrottes and other low impact weapons to something that would really put us on the map. Of course this would not make us the first Green Assassin chapter to get a tank. The Iraqi Green Assassin Brigade had several tanks but after blowing up a depot full of GM wheat seed, Monsanto claimed it was Sunni extremists and had the U.S. Air Force call in an air strike.

While I admit that it’s bad that we are in Afghanistan I have to begrudgingly acknowledge that the Harper Government has been very reactive to the needs of the soldiers on the ground in comparison to the previous Government. Liberals where quite willing to let our troops do the job with little to no equipment, Conservatives spending like a drunken sailor have at least made moves to supply our men with the tools they need to do the mission and hopefully survive. It’s not our troop’s fault they are in mortal danger and they should not be punished with death trap vehicles and other faulty equipment. There are only two reasonable ways to deal with the Afghanistan mission. Firstly pull them out, bring them home, let them retrain, reequip, rest and be prepared for the next mission. The second option, they stay and are given what ever they need. I’d rather have these soldiers home but I’m not willing to risk these men and women over a few bucks. So Harper made the wrong call extending the mission but at least he is trying to treat our people right. I guess he rates a 5/10 on this one, a vast improvement his other issues.

So how do you lease a tank? 10% down, 10,000 km and 100 shells per year with penalties if you go over your quota. What are the provisions for scratches and dents? It seems weird, I’m quite sure that you will not be able to return the tank in the same condition it was received in and will be responsible for repairs so why not buy rather than lease? Everyone knows that it costs more to lease than buy, but then again maybe Hillier wants to trade them in for a new model in 3 years.

I still want a tank for the Green Assassin Brigade.
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