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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lights out in Ontario

Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan announces a ban the incandescent light bulb by 2012.

I’m glad someone got around to doing this but bending over to industry with a five year lead time seems excessive.

Does this mean we can expect the coal plants to stay on line until 2012 as well?

Next I hope they ban those damn inflatable Christmas decorations.Recommend this Post


Ken Breadner said...

I, too, don't get the lead time. Just stop producing them, already.
But then again, what about 72-inch plasma televisions? I think we have a lot more energy piggishness to root out before we get down to things like light bulbs. Turn every light on in your house and then turn on a toaster oven. Which uses more energy?

Green Assassin Brigade said...

Lights will continue to be used and are a constant load, if we reduce there consumption we make a small but noticable gain.

All the other things do use more but are not as constant, I think it's more important that instant on features be removed from most electronics. 10 second warm up would not change my standard of living but certainly would reduce phantom loads. Stupid things like unless you have a medical condition why the hell do people need electric knives, tooth brushes, can openers? It drives me nuts, we actually had someone in the house who could not use a manual can opener, they had no idea how to use it!!

Why also does every bloody appliance in the house have to have a clock, most people don't use the preset startup feature on coffee makers, micro waves, the timer on the stove could be off normaly and set for 3 hours rather than for a particular time.

I don't know the consumption of a plasma vs a LCD vs a CRT, which is worse? Certainly anything 72 inches is going to use more than my old 27', I don't buy into this big is better crap, I'd just be happy if they would actually make a few more shows worth watching.

It's not just the energy consumption either, we have to consider the energy that is used in production of these devices, how many toxins, how much carbon release, how many rare elements.

Light bulbs are just a token but part of the challenge is also to get peoples head around the idea that there is a problem and they can do something. Baby steps!

Our industial standards suck, in Europe appliance use less, don't have the same draw for instant on, many even have a full off switch to kill phantom loads.

Sometimes I feel we are too stupid to survive

Mike said...

:/ I think you green guys should leave the rest of us alone. You shouldn't force us to stop doing things.

Like, incandescant lightbulbs, that's fine. I mean, there's not much of a difference between either kind of lightbulb except that one is obviously better.

But, like, talking about banning big-screen TVs? That actually makes someone's life more pleasurable. You shouldn't take that away. You should convince people not to use things like that, and not do it yourself, but you can't just ban them!

Past that, I think some of you guys should lay off a bit, because you're coming off as radical.

I'm all for little changes that make the world a better place, but I'd rather not have a completely stripped down, earthy life. I like my electronics. I have a nice 42' LCD TV, but it has like a 5-second warm-up feature, so it doesn't waste anything extra. This is one of the things that is simple, and fairly unaffecting, but cuts waste.


Lord of Wealth said...

Actually no one said ban, people questioned instant on, people questioned lcd vs crt.

Questioning there usage is the first step in getting people to demand they be more efficient. Manufacturers don't do anything without percieved benifit to themselves which is why few N.A. appliances have a full off button, and why nearly every item in your house uses more than it would in Europe.

As far a I know the 72 plasma comment did not come from a Green, just a conncerned citizen.