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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baphomet offered GG job

Baphomet Lord of the Abyss, past patron of Templar's , aka the Sabbatic Goat commented today on rumors that he has been offered the position of Governor General . "I'm gratified by the offer, it's great when your work gets noticed in the big leagues"

When asked about his intention, the goat headed demon stated, " I really could use change of pace, my most recent job was to tempt priests with little boys but I move into the office, get out the old rolodex and quickly found out that the Church is in a healthy cycle of self perpetuating pedophilia and I'm not needed. Quite honestly I've done nothing but play bejeweled for the last 3 years, and the church keeps rolling along doing the same things.

Does that mean he's taking the job? "Unfortunately" Baphomet sighed, "there are some people you just shouldn't make a deal with and while I appreciate the work he's doing destroying the planet, abolishing fair play and justice, I just don't trust the guy" He did however offer Mr. Harper a suggestion. " I can't think of anybody outside the demon community more qualified to work for these guys than Kathy Sha.. oops, I'd best not speak her name, it's bad luck." Baphomet hastily drew a glowing sigil in the air before him and the impromptu scrum ended in a sulfurous flash.

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1 comment:

LeDaro said...

Too bad he is not accepting the job. He will fit right in and proroguing will become main ritual in Ottawa.