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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rae scores a point, Harper looks stupid!

I don't know how long Rae has been sitting on this bomb but this is certainly the time to drop it. Apparently our Great leader steals speaches from Australia's Howard when he can't come up with stupid arguments on his own.

Does a leader plagerize? me thinks not!Recommend this Post

Friday, September 26, 2008

NDP campaign a sham in Newmarket Aurora

Newmarket Aurora riding has a full roster of candidates
Green- Glenn Hubbers

Liberal- Tim Jones

Conservative -Lois Brown,

who are all active in this campaign as well as candidates from the Progressive Canadians - Dorian Baxter who has a great deal of presence (and signs that still say Progressive Conservative, ???), and Christian Heritage - Ray Luff


Mike Seaward who also ran for the NDP and came 4th in the last Ontario election was nominated about a week into the campaign, has no web site, no signage, and no apparent presence to date in this election. While they might have a campaign office I can find no address for it and no one I know claims to have seen it in their travels. The only proactive thing I could find for Seaward is a Facebook page.

So my questions are:

Is the NDP running a dummy campaign in Newmarket Aurora on purpose?

Is this a subbtle but unofficial way of throwing leftish support to the Liberals to stop Lois Brown?

Or are they simply in disarray after the 4th place showing in the provincials and their failure to break the 10% mark last Federal election in Newmarket Aurora, leaving the local coffers more depleted than usual?

Have they simply surrendered in a no win riding?

And finally, why should loyal NDP supporters (in this riding specifically) use their votes to support a candidate or organization not making an effort?

I agree with voting your ideals and achieve nothing(I've done it many times), but I balk at giving my vote to someone who is not even trying to earn it.

This is not an attempt at slagging the NDP in general, but simply questioning an unusual anomaly I’ve not seen in nearly 20 years in this riding. The NDP has always campaigned reasonably hard despite the no win secenerio, but this time round the NDP are running what can only be considered a sham campaign.Recommend this Post

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talking Liberals off the ledge!

This election is pissing me off big time. At a time when I should be putting all my efforts into talking up the Green cause I find myself spending just as much time taking to my friends and contacts defending Dion and trying in earnest to keep them from voting Harper.

Some of these people have been staunch Liberals for as long as I’ve know them and yet now due to Dion’s lack of presence and his inability to adequately explain the Carbon Tax, they are honestly considering joining the sweater vest express to oblivion.

It’s all becoming quit tiring; first I have to beat them down with the well documented lies, broken promises and illegalities of the Conservative, followed by a flurry of C61 to the head and a kick of C51/52 to the groin. As they struggle to rise up and defend themselves I finish them off with peak oil, global warming, secret agendas and an impending deficit head butt across the bridge of the nose. At this point I have to reassure them that image is not substance, that leadership is making the right decision not making a rash and pig headed decision.

Of course I do mention that there are better choices like the GPC, but I’m honestly willing to settle for Anything But Conservative at this point.

I’m also tired of dealing with the contagion caused by Dion adopting the idea of a Carbon Tax. The Liberals have done such a piss poor job of selling this idea, and the Cons such a good job of demonizing it (despite their own studies that prove otherwise) that I also have to reassure soft Greens it won’t cause the end of the world.

Things are not going as I expected. The debate win was a pleasant surprise but May continues to get less press than Duceppe, even outside Quebec. The press is not holding Harpers feet to the fire as they should, and I’m spending far too much time talking Liberals off the ledge! Who’d have thought?Recommend this Post

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Julian West has dropped out of race for For The Saanich-Gulf Islands, leaving the NDP short one Candidate in B.C.
West use to be one of ours, so it's kinda funny/sad that this story was not important until he became a NDP candidate. Considering the ill considered, hateful rantings of some conservatives it's a pity a little nudity is enough to ruin this mans career.

I hope the NDP can and will direct their energy in Saanich-Gulf Islands to the next best hope of keeping the seat from Harper. I honestly don't know who that would be,(please be Green, please be Green, please be Green)

Ok, I decided not to be totally lazy, the other choices are
Andrew Lewis - GPC
Gary Lunn - CP
Dan Noreau - CHP
Briony Penn -LPC
but who's in best position to kick Lunn in the nuts, I do not know?

P.S. you guys really need to flesh out that Vetting thing, especially in BC.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Stupid PM Quotes!

I don't think now that the atmosphere should turn to one of complete doom and gloom. My own belief is if we were going to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now.,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Is he out of his fucking mind?, his point exact point is “I don’t THINK

For the few of you who have dropped in on my Financial Blog, you know I’ve been suggesting these very failures for several years.

Bear Sterns, Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch were all destined to die in the first wave of destruction not only because of the bad bets they made on housing but because of the virtual death of all the major Merger/Acquisition activity and IPOs which were the cash cows for these organizations. The damage from this wave of failures has not even been calculated yet as it spreads out through heavily leveraged funds and finally into personal pensions. To claim we are ok or insulated from the past problems let alone the future ones is idiocy at best.

In the big scheme of things Lehman’s failure will not bother average people with limited investments, at least not directly. AIG however, a major reinsurer, is also on the ropes and without a Government loan/handout they will take a credit rating reduction that could spark the forced liquidation of several $100 billion in bonds from funds and pensions who by law cannot hold junk paper. This could start a run on bonds as everyone is force to sell on the same trigger and prices will plummet to cents on the dollar. This will wipe out pension funds, municipal savings and the ability to raise capital for years.

AIG and other reinsurers, and bond insurers like MBIA, Ambac make up the second wave that will destroy debt markets. Without insurance all but the most secure companies, towns, cities, will be able to raise money. AIG reinsures many small insurance companies which will be hammered by this years huricanes, loses from mortages, bond loses and reinsurance will kill them surely.

The 3rd wave or maybe wave 2.1 is going to be the collapse of scores if not hundreds of retail banks. Last week's failure was the Silver State Bank of Nevada the 11th retail bank failure this year. This week it was only Lehman Brothers, we must be hitting botton, NOT!!! This will escalate and we will begin to see multiple failures weekly
Mega rich Willbur Ross sees 1000 bank failures

(Funny aside McCain’s son sat on the board of Silver State Bank)

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp) does not have the capital (or staff) to handle the sudden wave of small banks let alone the imminent failure of some huge ones like Washington Mutual
The FDIC had only $57 billion +- before banks started failing and just the impact from these 10 small banks failures plus Indy Mac is quickly burning through this fund. The FDIC cannot increase premiums to the banks because they are broke and unless they want an armed insurrection the U.S. government will have no choice but to backstop the FDIC and monetize more debt, ie hyper inflation.

Anyone who thinks that with Globalization, Canadian ownership in some U.S. banks, the size of Canadian, and the worlds U.S. currency reserves, plus our dependency on the U.S. consumer that this is not going to cause a crisis here too, must be a DOLT!

Stephen, I'm talking to YOU!

Meanwhile Harper’s words of wisdom paraphrased, it can’t happen now because it didn’t happen yet. WTF?

Yup, hide your head in the sand and pretend bad things cannot happen, that's leadership in the 21 century.

We're screwed!Recommend this Post

Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper's own government study supports carbon tax

It's funny what you find when you use the freedom of information act to get a study the Harper government wants hidden. A study that states a Carbon tax would cause a negligible GDP drop in the first years and actually grow GDP after 2012,

But of course today's headlines simply Parrot Harper's lies, maybe parrots not Puffins should be the official bird for this election

Main Stream Media at its BestRecommend this Post

Global Warming for Dummies(Conservatives)

Just thought some of you would like to know that the release date for Elizabeth May's and Zoe Caron's new book Globalwarming For Dummies has been set for Oct 2, (debate day) which seems rather auspicious.

Amazon.ca is taking pre-orders for delivery at 50% off, just $12.

I'm really hoping May will give Harper one at the debate, that would be far too funny.

You too could make a splash and hand one them to your local Conservative candidate at some major event. If you don't want to enrich May hand out Heat or some other worthy tome.Recommend this Post

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They Blinked!

Jebus, I did not exptect it to be this easy, We got Debate!

Not really, Now we still need the networks to invite us, tick,tick, tick, I'm waiting folks, tick, tick

Seems Layton was taking too much grief in this own party and changed his mind, and as I said in yesterdays post no way would Harper take the heat alone, or give the stage up to the others to debate without him. Calling his bluff was all it took!

That's a pretty solid flip flop, I guess Harper is not a leader!Recommend this Post

Electric car conspiracy in the making?

An interesting article from the star says the Ontario Gov is in talks with a silicon valley company with the intent of turning

Toronto and surrounding areas into an electric transportation hub, complete with electric charging infrastructure and local manufacturing of battery-powered vehicles

This sounds like a great progressive idea BUT I can't help but wonder if they are so gung ho about this initiative why the hell won't they allow the ZENN car to be driven in Ontario?

My paranoid side says maybe they've made some deal to exclude ZENN and fair competition from the Ontario market as a way of rewarding the Better Place company for setting up shop here. I'm truly suspicious of this announcement, Better Place gets free reign to set up battery swap stations, build and sell cars here all while a Canadian company is shut out.

Does something smell fishy to you?

I hope Tyler Hamilton the writer of this Star article will give me some input to the comments/questions on his Clean Break.ca Blog Recommend this Post

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stephen Harper to pull out of Debate?

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong but who in their right mind believes any guy when he claims he'll pull out? The last person to fall for that old line was Palin's knocked up daughter, before that Mrs Harper.

This was nothing but a bluff and the three stooges either fell for it or more probably decided to use it for self interest hoping their complicity would be ignored.

Dion you knew better! There was no way Harper would allow a debate where you got to speak and he did not. You know how competitive and controlling Harpo is there was no real risk he would pull out, he just wanted to spread the blame.
I also don't believe you protested too much when you heard Harper's lame threat. I suspected you frowned your stern little frown and then ran off to the can to dance a jig knowing you were off the hook.

Jack, come on, tell me you did not discuss cutting May out of the debate during your little chat with Harpo before the election call was made? Yeah, I thought so!

Duceppe, ante up. State now you will have a one on one debate in Quebec with the Greens if you were so willing.

I don't buy this threat to pull out, it was simply a contrivance to let you all do what you wanted to do anyway, silence Elizabeth May!

Still think you made the best choice?Recommend this Post

Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to North Zimbabwestan!

I no longer live in Canada, by some twist of fate it been transmogrified into something I can only label North Zimbabwestan. This shining bastion of oppression that has not 1 but 2 tin hat dictators vying to be the Grand PhooBah of Rat Bastard Cowards.

Stephen Mugabe the front runner flaunts election spending limits, ignores his own election laws, lies like a cheap rug, refuses unstaged interviews and apparently is afraid of a women who represents a party that believes in Non Aggression.(Oh, too scary mommy) Partner in crime Kim Il-Layton is a baffoon who dashes his parties belief in ideals, democracy and fair representation also out of fear and crass personal gain.

That leaves the waffling traitor("honest it wasn't me"), and a wimp who backed down on his support of fair play, lest he be on the outs with the other big tough boys.

I've been mad at my country before, I've been dismayed at my country before, but never before have I been so completely disgusted and enraged while thinking "Is this is the best we can do for potential leaders"

While I'm pleased that many fellow bloggers of varied persuasions have also shown outrange, and I thank them all, this is not enough. The system is broken, crowded with assholes and we need a Revolution. Most people are not this bad, why is it that shit floats to the top?Recommend this Post

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The McCains' Like father like Son?

For years the U.S. Government run by Republicans like John McCain have spent far more than is sustainable, which is neither wise nor particularly conservative(much like our crowd of Rat Bastards)

This Friday the FDIC ninjas closed down the Nevada Silver State Bank a small regional operation of 13 branches spread between Nevada and Arizona which will cost the FDIC about $.5 Billion to cover the insured accounts. Depositors in uninsured accounts will lose about $20 million with no compensation.

Funny thing is John McCain's son Andrew K. McCain, sits on the board of this bank and its auditing committee. Personally this family penchant for fiscal mismanagement would concern me more than Palin's apparent success in making sure her daughter new nothing about birth control. (the poor girl probably fell for the old "You can't get pregnant the first time", or the equally popular "You can't get pregnant doing it standing up")Recommend this Post

Friday, September 5, 2008

A little taste of election Altruism

NEW GLASGOW – Green Party leader Elizabeth May announced that her party considers Independent Member of Parliament Bill Casey "an honourary Green". The Green Party of Canada and its Electoral District Association in Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley will not be opposing the re-election of Mr Casey. The nominated candidate for the Green Party in Casey's riding, Darryl Whetter, has decided to step aside and is now the Green candidate in Halifax.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, and candidate in the adjoining Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova, praised Bill Casey’s political track record.

"Bill Casey is a hero. He stood up for Nova Scotia and he stood up for Canadians,” said Ms. May at a campaign rally in her riding on Thursday night with Blair Wilson, Canada’s first Green MP.
Mr. Casey was expelled form the Conservative Caucus for voting against the 2007 budget after Prime Minister Harper broke his promise to honour the Atlantic Accord. The expulsion of Mr. Casey resulted in strained relationships between the Conservative Party and Mr. Casey’s constituents, who rallied to support Mr. Casey after his removal. The local Conservative Party association re-nominated Mr. Casey in October 2007 as their candidate for the next election but the party's head office refused to accept Mr. Casey's nomination and suspended the association's executive.

"Bill Casey stood up for all Nova Scotians when he voted against Prime Minister Harper breaking the legal contract called the Atlantic Accord. Bill Casey is a man of integrity. He has shown enormous courage. He deserves to be re-elected and I look forward to working with him in the House of Commons to protect the interests of all Nova Scotians," said Ms. May.

"With the anti-democratic decision of the Conservatives to appoint a candidate to run against Bill Casey, and with the funds Bill Casey had raised for his re-election campaign now going to a Harper Conservative working to defeat him, the Green Party felt the least we could do was to not take a single vote away from Bill Casey. He is, as of now, an honourary Green Party candidate, running as an Independent."

"The Conservatives fired Bill Casey for doing the job he was elected to do – serving his constituents,” said Mr. Whetter. “This firing again shows us that our out-dated electoral system simply does not work. The current system elects a Prime Minister who then demands the votes of our elected MPs. The Green Party wants to democratize the way Canadians elect governments."

This is a tough issue for me as I think we should fight hard in all ridings to show our sincerity and our commitment to giving Canada a new better path to follow. On the other hand it’s a bold signal that we are willing to pass up our $1.75 per vote to do the right thing both for Bill Casey and for the country, in that Harper will not likely displace Casey.

So how does this play? May is accused of being a Liberal for not running against Dion, so is she now a Green, a Liberal, an Independent or an ex Tory/Con? I’m getting so confused!

I assume this is a sincere move on May’s part but is it also one last ditch attempt to open a dialogue on an anti Harper alliance rather than let the Bastard get a majority?

If it is, people had better move on this quickly, time and opportunities are quickly running out. Surely each party could make simlar sacrifices to bring this bastard down, NO?Recommend this Post