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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who owns our MPPs? Ontario has an ethical problem

Disinterested, despondent, fed up. All of these can be used describe my feelings at various points in this election. The NDP are pretending they are not socialists, the Conservatives are pretending they aren't evil(and doing a crappy job), the Liberals are pretending they've done a good job the last 8 years and my Greens after being shut out of 98% of all media coverage are pretending they have a chance.. all in all very sad indeed.

While the Greens have campaigned on killing corporate and union funding of political parties the issue has gained no purchase despite this report from Democracy Watch which clearly shows we have a problem

Unions can't vote or hold a seat in government and Businesses cannot not vote or run for Premier yet they both supply a good deal of the funding to parties in Ontario which in my opinion is legalized influence buying.

When corporations and Unions, not individuals fund political parties you have to ask, who's agenda are the parties working to further?

Before you vote consider this fact

Corporations provide about 50% of donated money to Ontario Liberal Party, and 43% to Conservative Party, and unions about 28% to NDP -- 99% of Green Party donors are individuals.
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