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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stephen Harper's New National Anthem

Looking into O Canada's history I've found that the song has had several vastly different variations before it was finally set as the one we know with the National Anthem act in 1980, so I guess it's not too shocking or offensive that Harper wants to make a change, it's just damn unbelievable that he gives a shit about the issue.

What I would like to know does the line "in all thy sons command" actually offend anyone? I've never heard my most feminist friends say anything about needing a gender neutral anthem, have you? I believe they are more concerned with the loss of funding for women's groups, the lack of pay equity in government jobs and the fear that reproductive rights will reduced.

Either way all Harper is likely to do is change one line, which in the big scheme means next to nothing. So let's ignore Harper's little distraction over nothing and create our own Conservative versions of the anthem, Something you think Harper would really like, here's mine feeble attempt as an example.

O Canada
On stolen native land
True patriot love but not between two men
With glowing heart we see the rise
of big oil subsidies
From far and wide
O Canada, we stand on hypocrisy
God keep our land, mostly Muslim free
O Canada we stand on hypocrisy
O Canada we stand on hypocrisy

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps " and in all of us" command

Anonymous said...

yes but ur second line is offensive towards homosexuals

GAB said...

I don't think your getting the point.. this is not the ideal anthem but what I envision the Conservaties might like to see

D. Scott Barclay said...

Very creative, and humourous.

Sudbury Steve said...

The point here is that you, CBC, CTV, and pretty much all of Canada is now talking about changing the anthem, rather than about what a poor do-nothing budget and lack of national vision the Conservatives have just presented.

For the Cons, it's better for Canada if our tongues are wagging about the anthem.

They've played their hand masterfully well, but it's cynical to the point of despair.

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