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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bye Bye Facebook, YOU SUCK!!!!

I got a rude awakening this morning when I found my facebook account had been disabled because I was using a fake name (Green Assassin Brigade) I know I’m not alone as many Bloggers and just regular people use an alias or nick name for one reason or another. My blogging name(s) are the largest part of my online persona and between them I'm sure far more people know me for my blogs than my normal mundane existence. Sad but true. When you consider how low my hits are it's even more pitiful.

I’m also trying my best to avoid a particularly deranged and unpleasant member of my family and will under no circumstances change my account nor my blogging name to my legal name. So Facebook account Nazis, I have written you to reconsider and you can either reinstate me or Bite me! You work poorly, you occasionally freeze my machine, the games you offer mostly suck and you waste my time. Good riddance.

What I found absolutly insane was this statment on their site.

Why doesn’t Facebook allow fake names?
Facebook is built around real world interactions. Operating under an alias detracts from the value of the system as a whole. Users who operate under fake names are also prone to abuse. We take this standard very seriously and take down fake accounts as we become aware of them.

"Real world interactions",, WTF This is the fucking internet it's not "real world interactions ,, idiots!!!

I suggest someone without an alias start a FaceBook group "Aliases are real people too"

Update 1.

no response from Facebook but you can join this facebook group to support reinstatement.

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Saskboy said...

You've got my support for getting the account back. After all, it's my neck on the line next, proverbially.

Steve Lalanne said...

Do you know the name of the Facebook rep. who sent you the email?

Anonymous said...


I was not originally nor have I been contacted after the fact by areal person at facebook despite my letter to them complaining. Should you feel like raging against the machine please mail them yourself and join the group supporting my reinstatment created by Jenn. You might disseminate the link to other free thinking people who would support me.