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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Newmarket Watch

Hi folks, this is just a small plug for my new blog Newmarket Watch

I recently realized that many of us were spending so much time on the big picture that we are neglecting those local issues that impact us each day. In my Newmarket we've tolerated stupidity, dysfunction and graft as normal parts of municipal governments to the point that a know embezzler had the balls to run for office a number of years ago. This is not tolerable and I hope to build this blog into a group effort that will attend, monitor and critique council as well as reporting on various fun or important events going on in Nemwarket.

As it is now we are poorly informed by our local newspaper and politicians and I hope to improve this. If you're in Newmarket, drop by Newmarket Watch, or let local family know about the site.
If you wish to get involved in the project let me know

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