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Monday, February 15, 2010

I Present Vanessa Long GPC

I haven't been blogging much on this site recently because I've been working on my new local blog, the Jan 23 Newmarket-Aurora CAPP rally, and a second democracy event being planned for Feb 25 in Aurora.

In this flurry of activity I've been remiss in blogging about Newmarket-Aurora's newly nominated Green Candidate Vanessa Long.

I'll be a bit lazy here and just clip in parts of her bio

Vanessa graduated from Queen’s University with dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology and recently attended York University for International Studies. She has worked as a private school teacher, acupuncture clinic assistant, and administrative assistant, but for the past several years has been a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. She has recently begun to invest in real estate and healthy lifestyle products as she continues to broaden her knowledge and skills base.

Vanessa was one of the founding members and CEO of the local Green Party Association, and served on the Board and Committees of the York Region Children’s Aid Society between 2006 and 2008. Now that she is helping to care for three growing children she is becoming more involved with local schools and recreational activities.

Vanessa has decided to run because she feels that the short-sighted climate of fear and mistrust being created by the present government is not truly representative of voters. She has hope for the future and for the equitable distribution of resources and justice, where all voices are heard and respected, a view that does not seem to be shared by our current representatives. As a devoted entrepreneur she loves the Green policies for creating vibrant local economies with quality jobs for all residents, returning Canada to its former position of respect and leadership on the international stage.

Anyone who knows me realizes I'm a pig headed zealot who would not support Vanessa Long if I was not fully satisfied that her zeal, compassion and ethics made her not only worthy of running for office but also worthy of actually winning a seat and running our country. I fully support Vanessa Long Green Party of Candidate for Newmarket-Aurora

The attached video clip is Vanessa's first speaking engagement as GPC candidate at the Newmarket-Aurora CAPP rally.

for anyone interested here is Vanessa's FB fan page and her twitter is _vanessalong

Remember ONE is significant,

ONE WORLD fragile, beautiful and full of potential
ONE VISION for a healthy, prosperous and compassionate future
ONE VOTE to achieve these things in your community
ONE CANDIDATE who believes you need not accept less
ONE GREEN MP to rage against the cynicism of the status quo

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