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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newmarket Aurora Anti Prorogation/ Pro Democracy Rally

Well it looks like we are going to go ahead with our own rally in Newmarket Aurora despite the powers that be at Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament who originally thought we are too close to Toronto and Barrie to have our own event. I agree that we might pull oh 30-40 people from each of the other events, but I'm sure just as many people if not more will not go to any event if they have to travel an hour plus. There are a lot of small towns between Newmarket and Barrie and for people in King City, Maple, Uxbrigde, Stouville etc they might like to join our mid point rally rather than travel into Toronto.

Newmarket Aurora is a Conservative riding and we have an MP (Lois Brown) who is more than willing to follow the Conservative talking points while defending Mr. Harper's cowardly attempt to hide from the Afghan detainee issue. Mr Harper has shown nothing but his contempt for our Parliament and citizens despite running on honesty and transparency. I'm not even going to go into all the other things he's done to piss us off. Ms Brown, always the good little soldier does what shes told and so deserves her own share of the blame and her own little protest. I wonder if Ms Brown still considers The Economist to be her favorite publication now that it has labeled Prorogation as "Naked Self Interest"

Personally I believe that we need to look at the big picture and act locally. So a local rally we shall have!

I don't know all the details yet as we still have a planning meeting tonight but the rally will begin at 1 p.m. Jan. 23 at Newmarket's Market Square and, weather permitting, will continue on foot to Ms Brown's office at Mulock Drive and Bayview Avenue.

We are planning this as a safe, family friendly protest (so wackos stay at home), and anyone who wishes to join us, invite friends or offer support may do so at our facebook site

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