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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Canadian Blog Awards 2009, read me please

This year I’ve been somewhat of an absentee blogger yet when I did blog I often found something to write about that was not just malcontent bitching, I guess no election will do that to you.

This year I’m nominated for the bestBlog Post Series for my discussions on the doomer movement/mindset/obsession, starting with my post Embracing the Doom: What kind of doomer am I?

I don’t know if they are worthy, I don’t even care that you vote for me but I would hope you’d read what I consider some of my best and most relevant work.

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rick said...

Sharing this post with friends and family was how I came out of the Doomer closet. Good thing too, it was getting cramped in there with all the seed packages, water filters, and bags of white rice.

Theresa said...

That was a good set of posts - I voted :)