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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Questioning our future

I had not intended to blog today but yesterdays proroguing of parliament along with the other issues like thwarting committee work, being in contempt of parliament for withholding documents, outright lying and of course the systematic and deliberate sabotaging of climate change talks brings me to these questions I’ve been refusing to ask greater blogdom because I’m afraid of where the answer lies.

When the will of the people is no longer relevant and the democratic system has for all intensive purposes failed what do we have left?

When citizens, soldiers, courts, traditions, parliamentary will, election watchdogs, international law, democracy and national image are no longer valued or respected by the very government charged with defending them how can we not surmise we’ve become a failed state?

When the government continues to act against our needs and desires by heaping on debt, embracing war, sabotaging international negotiations on climate change, pandering to corporate interest and ignoring health and environmental issues over tar sands and asbestos and many others too numerous to list how can you not expect civil disobedience and radical action to grow?

We’ve all seen how failed or unstable democracies either breed contempt, lawlessness and violent action from their citizenry or outright oppression of their citizenry; which path are we on?

What options do we have now? Is this enough to scare the opposition parties into a concrete agreement/collation/accommodation to squash this bastard?Recommend this Post


John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

I really hate politics,becaus emost of the time they are the one who gives us major problems. They give us promises that are not being keep. My point is, why don't they just do whatever they think is right. And to us, let us not depend on them all the time...

Anonymous said...

You write well and seem like an intelligent person, so it's strange that you accept Gore-esque anthropogenic global warming as truth. Have you investigated its Club of Rome origin and purpose? What about ClimateGate and the corporate ties? Is it conscionable in this modern age to levy a feudal tax over a pseudo-religious article of faith?

Hint: "Global Warming" purports to address the SYMPTOMS of Peak Oil.

...As for proroguing parliament, the Liberals omit their own sordid history of doing so, and don't mention that it was necessitated this time by their stonewalling good legislation in the Senate, thus ensuring new Harper appointees as a countermeasure.

Broad Hint #2: Left wing, right wing, same bird.