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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Kingdom for a horse

Or at least of picture of Newmarket Aurora MP Lois Brown being pushed in the run down, sputtering, black smoke belching model T that she was riding for the Newmarket Santa Claus parade. This is just a minor thing yet it seems to mirror the backward, sputtering, ineffectual, planet destroying ideals of the Conservative Party.

Mind you MPP Frank Klees was in a horse drawn carriage which I'm sure was as fragrant as the "stuff" his cabal spouts.

Why is it the so called important people are too damn lazy to walk a short parade route but the 6 year olds dance students and 8 year old playing a flute can?Recommend this Post


Sudbury Steve said...

In Sudbury's Santa Claus Parade, "wannabe" MP, nominated Conservative Party Candidate Fred Slade was driving around in some sort of vehicle with "Team Slade" plastered all over the place. MP Glenn Thibeault's group was just walking, holding an NDP banner. Score one for Glenn. We Greens didn't participate in the parade, preferring to leave politics out of the holiday season. We'll have to rethink that for next year.

GAB said...

I don't think we have the manpower to do a float without looking pitiful. However , I wonder if we could get one of those 20 person charity bikes.