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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The ROMs new look is Fugly

I have to day I agree with the sentiment of Virtualtourist.com that what they've done to the facade of the ROM is an abomination ranking it the 8th ugliest building in world. I'm all for Modern building forms but why the hell do you have to destroy existing landmarks? Our historic buildings have value as there were. If you want modern design on new builds fine but don't destroy our heritage.

I'll also bet that in 20 years the East side of the building will still look mostly the same as it has for 100 years(+-) but the Fugly steel and glass on the north will not weather so well. I also have an issue with the image the Toronto Star used. This pic is of a brand new building, properly lit, clean and quite probably doctored all to hell in the lab. Go down in the day, overcast, not cleaned since they built it and you realize the pictures shown are not reality.

Besides, don't we have enough steel, glass and glare downtown?

I admit I've been inside the ROM and the space itself is not too bad but that alone does not justify what they've done to the outside.Recommend this Post

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Anonymous said...

I find the inside of the space my main objection. The dinosaur exhibit is great, they needed the space. But there is a lot of waste and I agree with you that it's already getting tattered looking inside and out. I think the AGO's renovation was more successful.