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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why it is pointless commenting on Garth Turner's Blog

Today Garth had his umpteenth post on why we must cut interest rates and join the U.S. currency death spiral. I totally disagree with his view but mostly I find it ridiculous that he will respond to petty snipes but refuses to defend his iffy economics and answer my repeated questions with real substantive answers, hell any answers.

Then again, this is the guy who recommended Nortel at over $100.

less gas guzzling, pollution spewing, oil leaking recreational vehicles, so what?

If the dollar did not kill this company the price of fuel or coming recession/depression will. This is just one of things that will be in the history books a sign of our over consumption and decadence. If this company survives more than ten years it will be making small, modest sail craft, the era of the energy pig water craft will soon be over.

Garth, you occasionally join various posters sniping but rarely do you ever actually argue or answer statements about lying gov stats, the role of monetary inflation and the destruction of purchasing power, the cons of lowering interest rates rather than just pros of creating jobs.

What is your ideal value for the Can dollar?

There is a strong belief in the markets the the U.S. dollar is heading significantly weaker, UPI had an article claiming it would drop 90% in coming years. The Head of the U.S.A General accounting office, David Walker says the U.S. will likely go bankrupt.

Taking the above premise at least possible, How far down would you be willing to follow the U.S. dollar towards it’s eventual default?

Is it not a role of government, and the BoC to provide sound currency and protect the purchasing power of savings at least as much(if not more) than it’s role to manage jobs.

If not, Why?

If Harper follows the U.S. lead on global warming and Afghanistan he’s evil(which he is). If Liberals want to devalue the dollar and follow Bush to monetary disaster that’s good.
Why’s that?

I’d like to see some answers and real discussion by you rather than just automatic naysaying of the Con position and constant one sided harping on lowering interest rates.

Garths answer, as usual SFA.

Actually I find it relatively common that bloggers don't defend economic views, they spout off and ignore comments.Recommend this Post

1 comment:

Halton Family said...

Garth Turner is creepy. He is a liar and a grandstanding fool.

We, in Halton are sick of his stupidity and childish antics.