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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A “HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!!” kind of week

My first “Holy Crap” for the week came when I checked my Amazon account and found that somebody actually bought a couple of books through my site. I joined Amazon Associates on a lark thinking I might just sell enough books to subsidies my own reading habits, I was mistaken. I have sold 20 or so books but until this week it had all been myself or family making the purchases so I was rather surprised to find some kind soul bought HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD IN YOUR SPARE TIME, as well as a book on Zen Tarot? Thanks whoever , keep it up.

My second “Holy Crap” has been the Canadian dollar rise as well as the massive appreciation of Gold and silver in the few days. I follow commodities and forex markets and my predictions of 1.10 Canadian dollar,$100 oil and $900 gold/$16.00 silver are all looking a hell of a lot more rational then they were when I first made them. I took much ridicule and scorn at the time, "Ha" I say, "ha"! About a year and a half ago I had also told my various confidants and readers at my other Blog that I expected a total meltdown of the U.S. including a currency crisis.

Most people still refuse to admit I was on to something, waffling on technicalities like what a “meltdown”, “currency crisis” meant, I can tell you the drop in the U.S dollar and subsequent loss of U.S. purchasing power in the last year is was that crisis and I expect more to come. I declare this prediction met and I renew it for another year stating the U.S. dollar will weaken a further 15% minimum in the next year vs. the U.S. dollar index, (a measure of the dollar vs. a basket of currency representing it biggest trading partners.) Recession will be admitted and the possibility of Depression will be talked about other places than Contrarian Websites.

My third “Holy Crap” came when a very obtuse, brainwashed Liberal know-it-all, I work with told me today I was absolutely right about my above predictions. Let me tell you, this guy has had a running battle with me over every single belief that I hold;

I said global warming, he said myth. (Until Dion told him what to believe, then he claimed he was always an environmentalist)

I said peak oil; he makes claims about magic pixie dust technologies that someone will suddenly pull out of their ass just in time to save us.

I said… well never mind, you get the point..

It’s Wednesday, the 6/49 is 35 million so I think I should hold out for 1 more “Holy Crap” moment.

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