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Friday, November 23, 2007

Pentagon rat bastards blink

Once in a while a little media pressure actually pays off!
It seems that U.S. soldiers injured on duty and no longer fit to serve will NOT have to pay back signing bonuses after all.

Jordan Fox, 21, was injured in a road side bomb taking back damage and losing sight in one eye. After getting his release from the army and going home, Fox received a notice that he owed the army $2,800 of the original $7,500 bonus because he did not fulfilling his 3 year enlistment. Fox's complaints brought this issue to light but nobody knows how many other soldiers received pay up dead beat letters from the army. Maybe this has something to do with the high suicide rates in returning vets.

I really hope that the idiot(s) who decided to penalize soldiers for getting shot doing their job end up on the next plane to Karbala. I don't care it was Cheney, top Generals or some pencil neck bean counter, give them a rifle, an unarmoured vehicle and a banner saying Honk if you Love Israel!!!Recommend this Post


Val said...

tee hee... honk if you love Israel... what wit, sir, what wit.

I find it hard to believe that this is even a real story it's stupidity so overwhelms me.

No, really. Even for government, it seems a tad loopy.

GAB said...

We pitifull peasants have our moments.

GAB said...

The other issue is, if they have to offer up to $30,000 to encourage enlistment and still not meet quotas, how long before a draft is required as per my previous post.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask him if he was seperated for his medical condition?

Hmmmmm...he said in an interview that he WAS seperated for other reasons.

GAB said...

I would think a back injury that still causes pain and visiual imparement is enough injury to get a medical release. Nothing I've read said the military had ruled he was fit for duty.