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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Peak oil = Peak food = Peak Population

Welsh economist Dr Patricia Dodd Racher has released a book called Empty plates Tomorrow which states that climate change, fuel shortages and corporate power will end the age of cheap food. A review of the book can be read here.

Important facts that Racher looks at are the impacts of peak oil, the diversion of crop land from food to energy, the inability of growing sufficient energy with available land and feed ourselves, the impacts of climate change as seen by recent Australian and U.S. droughts, the need to return people to the land as farmers and finally cost increases, eventual shortages, and possible starvation.

This book supports Kunstler's argument in The Long Emergency that the end of Hydro Carbon inputs to agriculture will destroy modern agriculture as we know it and create shortages and starvation.

Looks like it's worth a read, take your Prozac first and hide the sharp knives.Recommend this Post


Glenn said...

Thanks. Yet another book to add to my "to read" list.

Anonymous said...

Please see the website www.emptyplatestomorrow.com. I will add to it as often as I can, and comments are very welcome. Patricia Dodd Racher