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Friday, July 6, 2007

China is still trying to poison us

Well they are at it again:

Canadian officials have found 3 more brands of illegal Chinese toothpaste in retail outlets. Not only were these products never tested or approved by health Canada which is illegal but they also contain diethylene glycol the active and quite toxic ingredient in antifreeze as reported in the Toronto Star.

When the Hell are our dumb Government nitwits going to get off their fat fucking asses and actually move to protect Canada?

Why are they not arresting importers?

Why are they not banning the importation of food, health and beauty items?

Why are we not making loud and very clear statements to the Chinese government about the products their country sells?

But more importantly why are Canadians so dim that they continue to ignore the reality of what shopping for the lowest price means?

It means cheap, shoddy, potentially dangerous goods, produced by virtual slave labour with no concern for rights, the environment or the continued employment of their neighbours, friend and family.

Canada is a land of riches with the ability to produce all the things we need, (not necessarily all that we want) yet we continue to send jobs and our money to countries that do not respect or show concern for our well being. Each product we import is one more dependency we create when in reality we should be looking to self sufficiency. The era of peak oil and global warming means we must be responsible for what we consume, where it’s made, how it’s made, the waste and impact of its creation and disposal. We need to know that in the future when the shipping of consumer goods half way around the world becomes too expensive that we have the industrial base to make the necessities of life in Canada.

I did a little research and found that there are dozens of organizations calling for China Boycotts on issues ranging from the dog and cat fur trade, the occupation of Tibet, China's support of rouge North Korea, human rights abuse and the use of prisoners for organ tissue.

There are too many good reasons for not shopping “Made in China”, yet the only reason to buy their shit, "PRICE" always seems to win!


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