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Monday, July 16, 2007

JimBobby's SPP Poll

JimBobby has asked us to question those around us about the SPP and post our results.

First of all, I have to say I don't get out much so my numbers were rather low. Most of the people I harassed were from the Go train and in my workplace. I purposely ignored those who I travel with on a regular basis as they become saturated with the trivia and minutia that leaks from my mouth on a regular basis. These people would not represent the public at large(assuming they actually listen to me).

I also did not ask my fellow Greens at a meeting on Thursday night for the same reason. Had I added these people I probably would have been closer to 30% but I do not believe they would have been a fair representation of the common mind set.

I questioned 27 people and I have these responses

24/27 or 88% never heard of it.

1/27 or 3.7% had heard of Deep integration but
had no clue what it was

1/27 or 3.7% claimed to know what it was but
could not explain it adequately

1/27 or 3.7% New what SPP stood for and had a
basic idea of what it was claiming to accomplish, this person knew some of the implications but not all of them

the total was a disappointing and I hope not representative

26 out of 27 or 96% uninformed on one of the top 3 issues of our times in my opinion.

On a bright note, one person I did ask was a union steward(CEP) who has promised to take my handouts to their executive. I hope this will lead to the union making a statement and/or disseminating the source materials to their members. This might also lead to another union contingent going to the Aug SPP protest.Recommend this Post

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