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Friday, October 10, 2008


Finance Minister Jim Flaherty proves both he and his glorious leader are liars.

In an announcement today Little Jimmy Can’t Count, stated the CMHC will buy up to $25 Billion in Mortgages in free up the Credit market.

As I see It, this is another example of the broken business model that privatizes profit but nationalized risk, this proves that every claim that Canadian banks were solvent and not in danger was a lie, and the fact he could not hold this off until Wed A.M proves the crisis is moving to fast to stall any longer

Recent claims by the IMF that Canada had the soundest banking system are relative, it’s like saying you’re healthier than your neighbour in the intensive care ward because you only have flesh eating disease on 3 limbs opposed to his 4. Either way you are going to die or end with stumps.

Come on Jim, we are big boys and girls out here so stop lying and tell us how bad it really is, it won’t be a surprise to me I’ve been an economic Cassandra for a number of years.Recommend this Post

1 comment:

DaveInCalgary said...

Flim Flam man is a liar of the first order. I wonder how much he has hidden this time around (As he did in Ontario) We need to forget about our partisan party allegiances and vote strategically to get rid of the Republican Lite party. I encourage others to visit www.voteforenvironment.ca and to contribute any spare cash to the Greens!