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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to the Green Party, please leave your red shirts at the door

Dear real progressive liberals, the GPC is open and welcomes new members. I know it will be hard actually getting to vote on each policy and voting directly for your leader but you will adjust. It’s not like you have any choice considering the direction your party has taken with its new policy of continued deployment in Afghanistan.

Honestly can anyone actually prove to me that Iggy is a progressive? A Liberal? Politically astute?, not a Conservative plant?

Short of some major break with reality or simple sabotage how can this idiot suggest that Canadians should spend more time, money and lives in Afghanistan when the majority of Canadians don’t want us to be there. It’s hard to believe that such incompetence can come from such a supposedly smart guy and while I don’t buy the “just visiting” ploy it does look like he was away far too long to understand the way the majority of Canadians think.

So what’s happened? Why this marked turn to the right?

Have the Liberals heard that getting the mineral rights for Canadian companies in Afghanistan depend on our continued participation?
Does Iggy really think he can win over conservative votes by being a hawk?
Is he just flailing in the wind?

Dammed if I know, but come on in, get a seat and make yourselves comfortable,

please however leave your red shirts at the door, anyone who’s seen an old Star Trek knows what happens to the red shirted guy!

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The Mound of Sound said...

GAB, there are some of us I'm sure who park our votes with the Greens even though our real loyalty lies with the Libs, albeit not the IgLibs.

I just don't think the Greens have a hope of achieving any meaningful power position in time and by that I mean in the relatively short time remaining to us to realign Canada environmentally. Harper's theoconservatives plainly stand against that so it'll take a reawakened LPC if it's going to happen at all.

We know that change is coming. Even at the existing levels of GHG in the atmosphere we're in for the sort of change that rules out any choice except mediation and adaptation measures. The only question is whether those responses are tailored by a rightwing government or a centrist government. In other words, I and you and everyone else, has an immediate vested interest in reforming the Liberal Party. We have to direct our efforts to meet today's reality. Harper and Ignatieff stumble about as though it's still 1980.

Sudbury Steve said...

@MOS: Hogwash! The choice you've laid out between the Cons and Libs on addressing greenhouse gas emissions can be characterized as "do nothing" and "do so little it amounts to nothing". I have no idea why anyone who truly understands the need for societal transformation would be at all compelled to support the Liberal Party of Canada. The argument that they're better than the Conservatives is not reason enough to do so.

I understand that you believe that some change is inevitable anyway, and I would agree that's the case, whether we have a Liberal or Conservative government at the helm. For example, carbon pricing is sure to occur within the next decade. What I can't see, though, under the policies of either the Cons or Libs is that their carbon pricing scheme will lead to the sort of meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions we need in order to begin even thinking about stabilizing the CO2 situation.

A much better outcome for Canada would be the complete implosion and dissolution of the Liberal Party altogether, because the Liberals are standing in the way of real progress by offering up themselves as a "meaningful alternative". They are certainly an "alternative" to the Cons...but not in a meaningful way.

If you want a green future, don't vote for a Party which isn't green. Don't let Liberal Party greenwashing sway your decision-making. At the end of the day, a Liberal government will do little to tackle the urgent issues facing us all, and especially the climate crisis.

Glenn Hubbers said...

To @Sudbury Steve: Ditto. Well said.

I just can't understand Liberal supporters still believing they can reform their party or that their party will be significantly different if they did somehow manage to supplant the Cons and form government again. Decades of history says otherwise.

Equally, for any old Progressive Conservatives reading this, I can't understand how you still believe that your party or any of the progressiveness it may once have had still exists or ever will again.

The outstanding question then is whether the GPC can actually succeed to the point of making meaningful change? Yes, but only if those truly progressive Liberals and progressive conservatives start realizing their error: We don't have time to wait for their parties to change, and supporting something new such as the GPC will actually be quicker if they can get all their friends on side.

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