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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abuse of Power

I am so angry these days I find it hard to blog without immediately breaking into a stream hateful profanity so for the most part I’ve just remained silent. Today however I will attempt a short controlled post about what a fucking idiot Michael Ignatieff is. Damn I’ve slipped up already.

What has me bent out of shape today is a quote I saw in this CTV article on the Liberal refusal to support an amendment to the budget bill pulling out all the bits and pieces that don’t belong in the budget.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has criticized the budget legislation as a "dumpster bill" but says he's not prepared to force an election over what he calls "an abuse of power."

We all differ on policy issues, that’s the nature of the game. I can even understand taking a boot to the groin once in awhile and voting for a bill you don’t really like for expediency but don’t you dare announce that a bill is an “abuse of power” and then support it.

There is nothing more important in our system than standing up against the abuse of power and to openly label the budget bill an abuse and then support it is nothing less than legitimatizing abuse.

Be very clear on this, Michael Ignatieff is now on record as both minimizing the importance of and supporting the continuation of the abuse of power. Those Liberals who voted with the government yesterday should be ashamed of themselves; they are now officially enemies of good government.

It's quite simple, if you support the abuse of power by others you are no more worthy to serve Canadians than those who actually abuse power.

Then again, after the stance most of them took on the MP audit issue we already knew that didn't we?

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PeterC said...

Makes me miss the days of Dion gone by....

This political hack is what you got for all your infighting and backstabbing liberal party. Enjoy!

Fillibluster said...

I share your anger and frustration. The opposition is a pathetic sham. If Ignatieff and the Liberals are opposed to the budget, then they should truly oppose it by voting against it..duh. Instead, they carry on the same BS as they did under Dion - doing nothing, abstaining or absenting themselves on votes that could... oh horror of horrors.... lead to an election. The NDP are no better. It's a sad day, make that decade for democracy.

Sudbury Steve said...

Stephen Harper is certainly making Iggy look very foolish. From Harper's perspective, this "I dare you" confidence bill has been a political coup. Ignatieff's Party is so mired in the polls now from where they are used to being, many are talking about a coalition or merger with the NDP. The Liberals are truly inept, and Michael "Tar Sands Forever" Ignatieff is blowing all of his credibility.

The Liberals need to dump this guy. But I hope that they don't, as I believe the NDP and Greens can gain from angry Liberals voters willing to "park" their vote elsewhere, at least until Iggy enters the history books as the latest failed Liberal Leader.

He stands for nothing. His party stands for nothing. Why on God's Green Earth would anyone vote Liberal?

Glenn Hubbers said...

Two things:

1- I'll vote for the political party that makes it illegal to have these kind of "omnibus" bills, meaning they include stuff that ought not be in there. A budget bill should be just that and nothing else.

2- I'll vote for the political party that changes the rules such that only a specific "non-confidence motion" is a motion of non confidence, not merely a bill that does not pass the house with a majority. If even a budget bill does not pass, this merely means go back to the drawing board and fix it, not automatically to an election.