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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iggy at his Stupid, Out of Touch, Americanized best

Once again Iggy adds another issue to the list of things that don't make him progressive, don't differentiates him from a Conservative and just don't make sense.

Great talk to the kids, Iggy

No discussion on the costs involved in enforcing laws people don’t support and will continue to ignore.

No discussion on the relative harm pot causes vs. legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. Hint, a UN study says says that pot is less harmful and addictive than tobacco or alcohol, the study also shows that legalization causes less harm to both society and individuals than our current laws.

No discussion on the possible tax revenue that could fund the treatment for the users of hard drugs and lower deficits

No discussion on ensuring a safe product for our citizens who use, like no contamination from fertilizer residue, pcb, paraquat,etc

No discussion on defunding crime syndicates.

Yes to giving up our sovereignty to U.S. concerns

Yes to more jails filled with people who have hurt no one but themselves, if anybody!

Yes to speaking down to kids. Kids who in ever increasing numbers will never bother voting , or at least not for Iggy.

Is this the great leader who will lead the Liberals from the wilderness? Yeah right!

And before someone comments, yes I can pass a blood test.

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ck said...

While I agree with you on legalizing marijuana, I think Iggy had no choice to answer that kid in the way that he did. These kids are not voting right now, their teachers and their parents on the other hand are. If Iggy had come right out and said, 'sure kids, If I become PM I will make sure it's legal...' well, that would be political suicide, now wouldn't it?

Even if most parents support legalized marijuana in theory, I somehow don't think they allow their kids to have a free for all with it and probably do all they can to discourage it as they would with alcohol and cigarrettes.

As for his presence at the school, other than that pot question, I don't think he said anything much different than President Obama did when he spoke to all public schools across America on the first day of school: basic message: stay in school, be a productive member of society, etc. Stay in school and leading a productive life is something I think all teachers and parents want for their kids when they grow up.

Again, that old double standard...what if it were Stephen Harper or his Harpercons who said what Iggy did? Or Jack Layton &/or Lizzie May for that matter?

The Mound of Sound said...

I think CK has it absolutely - and unfortunately - right. Iggy will never stand on principle when he perceives votes to be gained in pandering. It was that radical Leftie Paul Martin who proposed decriminalizing pot possession.

Few of us up here know it but several US states have decriminalized pot possession and Obama has said that pot prosecutions will not be pursued. We never let that fact get in the way when we use the US as an excuse to keep our ridiculous pot laws in place.

GAB said...

He didn't need to treat the kids like idiots or blindly echo the U.S. line.

Why not

"While there would be advantages to legalization such as blah_______ which might theoretically offset the impact of greater availability. If legalization ever passed a free vote in the house of commons it would still be a managed substance with age restictions putting it out of the reach of minors.

Regardless of what we decide it must be done with a Canadian context rather than echoing American's failed war on drugs."

ck said...

GAB, wouldn't work, it would still get most parents in an uproar. Most parents of teen-agers don't want them to drink or smoke pot and any slight agreement to the legalization of it would be to them, a disaster as it might and probably does counter-act what they're teaching their kids at home.

In fact, if Iggy had come out with even something you said, the school as well as the school board in question would be bombarded with nasty calls from angry parents. Back lash for all.

Where kids are concerned, one has to mind how they go.

As I mentioned, these kids aren't voting in the next election. Their parents and teachers are.

Oh, and GAB, what about St-Stevie's trying to turn Canada into George W Bush's Americana? Don't see that?

Think Stevie is going to be promoting legalization of pot on youtube? Think Soudas and his other techie pitbulls at Google are even going to allow a pot question? If they do, watch stevie spin and deflect and distract to worm his way out of it in signature steve fashion.

Folks, this Iggy bashing isn't going to get Stevie out of office. IN fact, it can contribute to a Stevie majority in the next election.

D. Scott Barclay said...

I don't think its premeditated intentional "Iggy-bashing" -- he's doing it to himself.
I've heard him speak in person and as an academic, writer, speaker, professor, and as a person he is an unusually intelligent man.
But he is unfortunately out of touch with the Canada of today. And he does not have the political instincts nor the decision making ability that defines a leader.
He is a pondering, indecisive, analytical, changeable; all the hallmarks of an academic.
He could have said that its medical properties need to be exploited like other drugs, or something that sounded the slightest bit progressive. But a private school repressed status-quo elitist does not take those risks.

Soronai said...

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