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Friday, March 26, 2010

Can the Pope be Impeached?

Let's face it, this man has just lost all credibility as the moral authority for the Catholic Church.

It's bad enough that he can get away with the stupid claim he made in Africa that Condoms make the HIV/AIDS epidemic worse but now there is proof he knew a convicted pedophile was once again working with children and yet he did nothing.

While his loyal minions are more than willing to take the fall for him, this new document firmly put the blame on his office while he was still a Cardinal in Germany

Like our secular society I think Catholic Church needs more transparency, accountability and democracy.

Perhaps the CAPP folks can help them out.
Catholics against Pedophile Priests. It has a nice ring to it and it's something that any true believer should be able to support against a church bureaucracy that does not give a shit!

As to my question; short of causing a schism and being declared anti-pope is there anyway for the Ecumenical Council to actually boot Ratzy out of office?

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1 comment:

Hayden said...

The Catholic church is a powerful monarchy, not only does it have power all across the planet, it also has its own country, giving it the ability to function above the law.
Where is the United States government in all this? They love to invade countries under the pretext of spreading 'democracy' and freeing the citizens. They really dropped the ball on this one. :P
The church definitely does need more transparency, accountability and democracy, but really, what are the chances of that happening any time soon?