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Monday, September 28, 2009

Stimulus is bearing fruit

Liberals tell us that only 12% of the stimulus money is flowing

Meanwhile Harper claims 90% of stimulus is flowing and bearing fruit.

That seems like one hell of a big difference, so just what does a promise of funding really mean to the Conservaties?

"The cheque is in the mail" or maybe those vague promises of loan repayment by dead beat family members. It might even mean "we jotted it down on cocktail napkin somewhere around here"

Personally I'm sure it means, "We'll keep claiming you'll get that money but never actually deliver in the hopes we get a majority in time to cancel the projects"

The only thing we can know for sure thanks to the Gordon Landon's admission last week that only Tory ridings will get any cash;
the fruit is rotten to the core just like the bastards tending the garden

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Jennifer Smith said...

I'll tell you exactly what it means. It means that the Conservatives are counting every single project that has been announced, while the Liberals are only counting the projects where construction has actually started. Why? Because if construction hasn't started then not only have no jobs been created, but also no cheques have been written because the money doesn't get paid up front. The municipalities have to spend it first, submit their invoices and THEN get reimbursed.

It's a stupid, stupid way to do it.

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Jennifer I agree with you that this may be difficult way to get the money, but you know, if you give someone money upfront no work is done, and that way money goes to waste - I have seen it happen. There is too much abuse. Anna.

Jennifer Smith said...

So, you're saying that if the federal government had given the municipalities the money in the form of an increase in the gas transfer tax - as they had requested - that they would have just held on to it and not spent it? Really? To who's benefit?

Lord of Wealth/Green Assassin Brigade said...

It would appear that there are more problems with allocating stimulus beyond simple pork barrel favoritism.

Why did a private Christian accademy get stimulus money which I believe was used for a playing field when nothern natives have been asking for their moldy schools to be replaced for nearly a decade.

Real aid for natives, women, rights issues have been cancelled but money for zealots who've already opted out of "mainstream education' get a soccer pitch.

If a towns water system is unhealty or is dumping untreated sewage that can impact the whole regions health, why are matching funds needed. JUST FIX THE PROBLEM!!! Need, and not ability to match funding should be the criteria when it comes to health issues.

Too little of the funding is being directed to sustainable transit, clean power, energy use reduction, education and R&D.

In the end however the stalling is not about matching fees, or red tape as much as simple stalling in the hope an election will give the majority power in time to cancel half of it.

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