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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Climate Refugees, and so it Begins

The 1,700 residents of the Carteret Islands (part of Papua New Guinea) have gained the unwelcome distinction of being the first reported climate refugees created by rising sea levels.

So officially this crisis is not in the future anymore, it's here, it's now. It does not matter if Man, the Sun or a Burning Bush caused the problem we have to deal with it.

So WTF are we going to do about it?

Deniers have said it's either not happening or it's not our fault and not our problem. The few that admit it's happening but "natural' say we simply must adapt to the changes.

So tell me little wingnuts, are refugees also not our problem?

Should they just adapt to floating all day and drinking salt water?

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jimbobbysez said...

Whooee! Eventually, there'll be enough wildfires, floods, melted permafrost, rising sea levels, droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes that the deniers will quit denying and we'll all hafta deal with the fallout. Refugees will be one of the biggest issues. Failure to accept the coming problems and plan for mitigation will only make it worse. I wonder who will get the blame.

I been spoutin' of with afew others on this selfsame topic over to StageLeft.

PeterC said...

Of course, I've already heard from the "you people should support yourselves like I do" crowd that those folks shouldn't have been living there, any idiot could see they'd have floods....

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

We created mess, we must clean up that mess.

BTW thanks for visiting my Living in Aurora blog and commenting.

Take care,