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Friday, May 1, 2009

The "NAFTA FLU" I like it!

It's not as if we were not warned about this in recent years with millions of birds killed to stop the spread of Avian Flu, or the mistakes that allowed Hoof and Mouth disease to ravage the U.K. or the Mad Cow problem. Don't forget the local Listeria and e.coli outbreaks or the poisoned food and milk in China. We don't treat our animals or our other food sources with the care and respect they deserve.

As should have been expected, NAFTA has allowed greedy and irresponsible factor farm practices to move into Mexico where weaker controls and lower priced bribes are the norm. If you've ever smelled a factory farms cesspool in Canada you can only imagine what it would be in like in a country that has poor regulation and is bending over backwards for economic investment and jobs, the potential for disease is astronomical.

Well, today's Star article gives you a small glimpse of the factory farm conditions and quotes experts saying Nafta is to blame for the current flu whose name is no longer swine. I like the NAFTA Flu,it's a good name and much easier to say than the Greedy Corporatist Bastards Flu.

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ChristyACB said...

Hah! I love it! I'm going to begin using it immediately. As well as your more subtle GCB flu. :)

saskboy said...

Factor for factory :-)