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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night of the howling ME MEs

Ok I've had enough of this crap about evil separatists.

Duceppe knows there is a financial shit storm coming and he also knows that a healthy economy, jobs, the environment, human and labour rights are all just as important to Quebecers be they inside or outside confederation. I'm not scared by the prospect of the Blocs participation because I believe Duceppe is pragmatic enough to know that a coalition will collapse if he pushes the self interest button too much and that he also realizes that what ever consensus they can bang together will be better for everyone than anything the Conservatives would ever offer.

I'm for all for this coalition thingy only because if it works out PR will be a lot less scary to a lot of people. Hell I'd I settle for a 6 week coalition just so someone else could tell us the real state of the books before the next election.

Tonight's lies by Harper were blatant, "The opposition wants to overturn the results of the last election"

"Overturn" my ass.

The results of the election still stand, no seats have been given to the opposition and the totals are still the same, Harper simply cannot attract anyone to support his unpopular partisan agenda as is required under our system. He just does not get it. Canadians don't elect a Prime Minister they elect a parliament and that parliament must choose which party(s) have power, it is simply protocol that the guy with the most gets first kick at the can.

The opposition has no "democratic right" to spank my bottom because I'm a very bad boy.

Liar , liar , liar, not only do they have the right to send Harper packing they also have the obligation to try if he cannot command the confidence of the house. Harper had the chance to offer cooperation and even claimed he wanted to reach out to the opposition, but instead took Machiavellian cheap shots at the other parties, labour, the civil service and women.

Harper is not fit to run a Tim Horton's let alone a country, well maybe that Timmies that fires people for giving crying babies a tim bit, or maybe he'd do slightly better(very slightly) than Robert Mugabe. His inability to see or admitt the problems in the economy is shamefull as I showed in Stupid PM Quotes. MR Harper your university called they want their degree back!!!!

I don't know if tonight's show changed anyone's mind but it certainly shows that Harper is still as manipulative, dishonest and unrepentant as always. The only point he made was "I have better production values", Well Stevie when it comes down to it personal values matter more.

Dion's message was ok but dammit all, they can't be so broke that they can't find a real film crew or edit out the flubs. This is too important to get all cute and use a fuckin web, can this putz do anything right?

Duceppe was good as always, he's a natural

Layton kept the smug in check and hammered the message.

I can understand that the coalition is not selling with lots of people because they apparently don't know or don't like our system(too much American news and history and not enough of our own) but don't lie about it being illegal or unethical. As long as people are so poorly informed this is quite likely political suicide.

This is a lose/lose situation

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